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GM  Reynaldo A. Leal

8th Degree Black Belt

       My first web page is dedicated to all those who were a part of my growth in the Martial Arts.  Studying the Arts for over  37 years has been a very rewarding journey for myself.  I've been very fortunate to have met many  martial artists  dedicated in the arts.  The martial arts according to me, has changed my life in how I see and act to internal and external  experiences.  Knowing that I have a choice in how to deal with any given situations. To act, and not react to anyone or anything and being responsible for ones own actions. It is a must for any student in the Martial Arts to know that what they learn and what they do with what they learn,  is that one is always responsible for how far one goes or not in defending oneself or others.  

In this web I have made Hyperlinks to other Martial Arts web pages, some pages that I have  found  that I feel are accurate in their research and are honest in telling the truth about certain historical facts. but you be the judge if you feel you must. Its ok  that's what life's all about, making choices.  To Al Tracy's research on the History of Kenpo, I personally thank you for the knowledge.   And to my Chen Taijiquan Instructors Bill and Allison Helms 20th generation disciples of GM Chen Xiao Wang and GM Chen Xiao Xing. Thank you for excellent instructions and your friendship.

To the  Martial Arts Instructor 's 

I salute you, the tireless  and dedicated Instructors who have had to give a lot of their personal time for so many students, the many counseling session, the hundreds of questions over  and over  again, the headaches, the student  with no control, the poke in the eye, etc, etc.  Just kidding,  I know,  as well as you do, that it has been a worthwhile journey, rich in personal experiences, all the hours of sharing, as those before us have shared.   And with this,  Respect and Honor will live on.

Sensei Reynaldo A. Leal

  email   at    rayleal@cox.net

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