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"Gathering of Eagles" Las Vegas August 11, 2001

left back Charlie, Rey Leal, Dave Hays, Al Tracy, Dick Willet, Foots Robert Sumler

left front, Calvin, Todd McElhinney, Frank Mafnas, and Big "Brother Mike Roberts"


Banquet Dinner / Dick Willett and Wife


Rey Leal with Old friends Masters Bill Ryusaki, and Ted Tubora


Rey Leal, Robert "Foots" Sumler, Todd McElhinney, & Master Eric Lee


Robert Sumler, Dick Willett, Bob White, Mike Roberts, Dave Hays, Rey Leal &

Todd McElhinney, Frank Mafnas,


Dick Willet, Rey Leal & Al Tracy

Having a great time with friends

Jack, Master Emperado, Foots