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Chen Wang Ting (1600-1680), -also known as Chen Zouting- of the 9th generation from the founding ancestor Chen Bu, is traditionally held to be the originator of the Chen style of Taiji.
It is said that he was a sucessful candidate in the imperial military examinations at the provincial level in the late Ming dynasty. In 1644 ( the 14th year of Chongzhen in the reign of emperor Sizong- also the final year of the Ming dynasty, in which the combined influences of Manchu military expeditions from the north and rebel insurgences in central China served to topple the dynasty) he was appointed Commander of the Garrison Force of Wenxian county. He engaged in military expeditions against rebel forces commanded by Li Zicheng in Shandong. Upon the fall of the Ming, his opportunities for advancement ruined by the change of dynasties, he retired to Chenjiagou. It is said that while in retirement, he fused techniques from the teachings of the Ming general Qi JiKuang with traditional medical theory and taoist breathing techniques to form a unique yielding form of martial art.

Chen Soule 10th generation
During the last days of the Ming dynasty, (1368-1644) the country was in disorder, brigandage and anarchy were becoming prevalent. a citizen of the same couty, from Beipinggao Village, named Wang Jun Bo, was very wealthy. Several hundred cruel robbers from Shandong Province wanted to steal his treasure. Wang heard this news and was going to ask Chen Suo Le for help. On the way to see him,before he arrived at the village, he met Chen Suo Le's two sons, his eldest son Chen Shen Ru and his second son Chen Xun Ru (nicknamed Big Sky God and Second Sky God). Wang told them of his plight and asked for assistance. they resolutely undertook to help him. The brothers were twins of nearly sixteen years of age and were skilled in boxing. At Wang's request, they went (to Beipinggao Village) where all was made ready according to plan. That evening, when bandits came they were all dealt with in one fell swoop, an immediate resolution to the dangerous situation. The people of Wen county admired the two youths who were able to kill the robbers. A drama was composed, titled "A Pair of Heroes Defeat the Bandits". It is often performed during village festivals." _written by Ji Fu, Chen Zhao Pei, 5/9/35, Henan, Wenxian, Chenjiagou