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Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei


An indoor student of Chen Zhao Pei and Chen Zhao Kui. One of the four "Buddhas' Warrior Attendants". He is the author of a three volume comprehensive overview of the Lao Jia system of Chen Taijiquan, as well as a videotape dealing with the Yilu form of the Laojia system. He presently resides in Chenjiagou, and was voted one of the 13 "grandmasters" of Taijiquan in China (Da Shi) in 1996.

Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei
One of the "4 diamonds of the Chen Village"
19th Generation Inheritor of the Chen Family
One of the "10 Most Outstanding Wushu Experts" in China
Deputy Director of Henan Wushu Training Center, China
Member of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Wushu Association
Creator of the "Chen Style Essence 18-Form Taijiquan"
National Senior Wushu Coach (highest level coach)